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Team E : Government Performance Improvement


To simplify FRP II organizational structure, make it more flexible, more effective and responsive to counterpart needs, it was decided to create a new team called Government Performance Improvement (GPI) includes three areas: Accountability at Audit Bureau (AB), Result Oriented Government (ROG), and King Abdullah Award for Governmental Excellence and Transparency (KAA).

To enhance the accountability of the Audit Bureau AB and throughout the Government, and to strengthen the provision of an independent and objective assessment by AB on government policies, programs or operations though the use of budget and performance data. Specific objectives under the Accountability Component include:

  • Better performance auditing of the government operations, programs or policies to determine whether funds are being spent efficiently, effectively and economically;
  • Budget and performance data used to ensure accountability;
  • Improved reporting on how well government programs and policies are meeting their objectives;
  • Better and effectively performed processes.

Result Oriented Government (ROG): 
To help the government of Jordan to be results-oriented, promoting innovation, strategic management, and defining the role of government to be more effective.Specific project objectives under ROG Component include:

  • Better defined and more effectively performed government role
  • Innovation introduced into government services, capital project design, and government financing
  • Increased use of strategic planning, strategic outreach, performance measurements, and linking of planning with actions throughout government.

King Abdullah II Award for Governmental Excellence and Transparency (KAA) 
To enrich our counterparts’ excellence culture through assisting in restructuring and modernizing its processes, eliminating bureaucracy, modernizing and streamlining procedures, and moving toward an institutional environment. Specific project objectives under KAA Component include:

  • Excellent governmental performance results.
  • Better defined and more effectively performed leadership role
  • Motivated employees working to achieve their defined institutional objectives.
  • Enhanced development and implementation of plans for effective and efficient utilization of government resources.
  • Better management of knowledge available at every institution.

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