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Prime Ministry
  • General Intelligence Department
  • Jordan Audit Bureau
  • Civil Service Bureau
  • Greater Amman Municipality
  • Central Bank of Jordan
  • Opinion and Legislation Bureau 
  • Development and Employment Fund
  • Jordan Cooperative Corporation 
  • Supreme Judge Department
  • Managing and Development of Orphans Fund
  • Joint Procurement Department.
  • Petra Region Commission
  • Electric Regulatory Commission
  • Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC)
  • The Executive Privatization Commission (EPC)
  • Jordan Securities commission
  • Amman Stock Exchange
  • Securities Depository Center
  • Audiovisual Commission
  • Aqaba Special Economic Zone  Authority
  • Ports Corporation
  • The Higher Council for Youth  
  • Youth and Sport Fund
  • Coordination Commission For Social Solidarity
  • Anti Corruption Commission
  • Jordan Radio and Television Corporation
  • Press and Publications Department
  • Jordan News Agency (Petra)
  • National Resources Investment and Development
  • Development Areas Commission
  • The Higher Population Council
  • National Information Technology Center
  • The National Assembly  “Majlis Al Omma”
  • Upper House
  • Lower House 


  • Ministry of Finance
  • General Budget Department 
  • Jordan Customs Department
  • General Supplies Department
  • Income and Sales Tax Department 
  • Department Of Lands & Survey
  • The Free Zones Corporation 
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Department of Palestinian Affairs
  • Jordan Institute of Diplomacy
  • Ministry of Industry and Trade and Supplies
  • Investment Promotion Corporation
  • Jordan Export Development & Commercial Centers Corporation (JEDCO)
  • Jordan Institution for Standards and Metrology (JISM)
  • Civil Consumer Corporation 
  • Jordan Industrial Estates Corporation (JIEC)
  • Insurance Regulatory Commission 
  • Companies Control Department
  • Ministry of Interior
  • Public Security Directory
  • Public Civil Defense Department 
  • Civil Status and Passport Department
  • Ministry of Municipal Affairs.
  • Cities and Villages Development Bank
  • Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation.
  • Department of Statistics (DOS).
  • Ministry of Public Works and Housing.
  • Housing and Urban Development Corporation (HUDC)
  • Government Tenders Directorate
  • Ministry of Social Development 
  • National Aid Fund
  • Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities 
  • Ministry of Transport 
  • The Public Transport Regulatory Commission (PTRC)
  • Hijaz Jordan Railway 
  • Aqaba Railway  
  • The Jordanian naval authority 
  • Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission 
  • Meteorology Department 
  • Ministry of Labor
  • Social Security Corporation 
  • Vocational Training Corporation
  • Ministry of Water and Irrigation 
  • Ministry of Health 
  • Ministry of Agriculture.
  • National Centre for Agricultural Research
  • Agriculture Credit Institute
  • Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs 
  • Zakat Fund
  • Ministry of Communications  and Information Technology 
  • Ministry of Culture 
  • Ministry of Defense - Jordanian Armed Forces 
  • Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources 
  • Jordan Nuclear Regulatory Commission 
  • Ministry of Environment
  • Ministry of Education 
  • Ministry Of Sector Development 
  • Ministry of Political Development 
 US Government
  • United States Embassy/Jordan 
  • USAID/Jordan 
  • Young Entrepreneurs Association (YEA)  
  • Jordan’s Intellectual Property Association (JIPA) 
  • Jordan’s Chamber of Industry 
  • AmCham 
  • Architecture & Engineering Business Council 
  • Business & Professional Women Association (BPWA) 
  • Jordan Federation for Investment Associations (JOFIA) 
  • Jordan Exporters & Producers of Fruits and Vegetables (JEPA) 
  • Jordan Garment, Accessories, and Textile Exporters Association (JGATE) 
  • Jordan Banks Association 
  • Jostone 
  • Jordan Furniture Export and Manufacturers Association 
  • Private Hospital Association
 Local Media
  • Ad Dustour Arabic Newspaper
  • Al Arab Al Yawm Arabic Newspaper
  • Al Rai Arabic Newspaper
  • Al Ghad Arabic Newspaper
  • Jordan Times English Newspaper
  • Star Weekly English Newspaper
  • Petra News Agency 
  • King Abdullah II Center for Excellence 
  • Jordan Food and Drug Administration 
  • Prisma 
  • Pinnacle Business & Marketing Consulting


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