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Trade and Fiscal Reform

Item Author
How does a domestic tax reform effect protection against imports? The case of Madagascar Hallaert, Jean-Jacques
USAID Assistance in Fiscal Reform: Comprehensive Customs Reform in Egypt USAID/EGAT Fiscal Reform Project.
Taxes and Trade Whalley, John
Trade Liberalization and Growth: New Evidence Wacziarg, Romain; Horn Welch, Karen
MERCOSUR: Impacto Fiscal de la Integración Económica Villela, Luiz; Barreix, Alberto; Taccone, Juan José (Eds.)
Impact of Trade Liberalization and Fluctuations of Commodity Prices on Gov't Finances: Santa Lucia United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean
What Do We Know About Tariff Incidence? Tokarick, Stephen P.
Trade Liberalization and Trade Taxes Tanzi, Vito
Tariff Elimination for Industrial Goods: Why the Gains Will Far Outweigh Any Losses Slaughter, Matthew J.
Trade Liberalization and Fiscal Reform: Evidence from Two Case Studies—Morocco and Jamaica Pelzman, Joseph
How can Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, and Viet Nam Cope with Revenue Lost due to AFTA Tariff Reduction Lao-Araya, Kanokpan
Domestic Taxes and International Trade: Some Evidence Keen, Michael; Syed, Murtaza
Coordinating Tariff Reduction and Domestic Tax Reform Keen, Michael; Syed, Murtaza
Balancing and Optimizing Trade Facilitation and Border Integrity IBM Business Consulting Services
Trade Agreements and Tax Incentives: The Irish Experience Haughton, Jonathan
Trade Liberalization, Fiscal Adjustment and Exchange Rate Policy in India Go, Delfin S.; Mitra, Pradeep
Towards Fiscally Feasible and Efficient Trade Liberalization Glenday, Graham
A firm’s-eye view of policy and fiscal reforms in Cameroon Gauthier, Bernard; Soloaga, Isidro; Tybout, James
On Selective Indirect Tax Reform in Developing Countries Emran, M. Shahe; Stiglitz, Joseph E.
Price-Neutral Tax Reform With an Informal Economy Emran, M. Shahe; Stiglitz, Joseph E
Quantifying fiscal effects of trade reform: A general equilibrium model estimated for 60 countries Devarajan, Shantayanan; Go, Delfin S.; Li, Hongyi
Regional Integration and Commodity Tax Harmonization De Bonis, Valeria
Fiscal Impact of Trade Liberalization in the Americas Barreix, Alberto; Villela, Luiz; Roca, Jerónimo
Trade Reform with a Government Budget Constraint Anderson, James E.
Trade Liberalization and Tax Reform in the Southern Mediterranean Region Abed, George T.
Trade Liberalization, Exchange Rate Changes, and Tax Revenue in Sub-Saharan Africa Agbeyegbe, Terence; Stotsky, Janet G.; WoldeMariam, Asegedech

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