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Tax Administration

Item Author
The Costs of Tax Compliance in Ukraine World Bank/IFC
Small Businesses in South Africa: Who Outsources Tax Compliance Work and Why? Coolidge, Jacqueline ; Ilic, Domagoj ; Kisunko, Gregory
Tax Compliance Perceptions and Formalization of Small Businesses in South Africa Coolidge, Jacqueline ; Ilic, Domagoj
Herramientas para la Proyeccion y Seguimiento de las Racausdaciones Mensuales Gallagher, Mark
Revenue Authorities and State Capacity in Anglophone Africa Fjeldstad, Odd-Helge ; Moore, Mick
South Africa: Formal SMME Tax Compliance Survey Report USAID (Prepared for National Treasury Republic of South Africa)
South Africa: Informal SMME Tax Compliance Survey Report  USAID (Prepared for National Treasury Republic of South Africa)
Small Business Taxation: Reform to encourage formality and firm growth Loeprick, Jan
Local Taxes, Regulations, and the Business Environment: Finding the right balance Corthay, Laurent
Tackling Corruption through Tax Administration Reform Rahman, Aminur
Collecting and Paying Taxes in Moldova: A Benchmarking Exercise Gallagher, Mark ; Goian, Vasile ; Rozner, Steve ; Rusu, Viorel
Tax Administration in OECD and Selected Non-OECD Countries: Comparative Information Series (2008) OECD
Sistema Tributaria: Condiciones Actuales y Propuesta  Barreix, Alberto; Roca, Jer?nimo
Taxation in the MERCOSUR and Coordination Possibilities  Villela, Luiz; Barreix, Alberto
Taxing the urban unrecorded economy in sub-Saharan Africa Aurajo-Bonjean, Catherine; Chambas, G?rard
Presumptive Taxation of the Hard to Tax Thuronyi, Victor
The Role of Excise Taxes in Revenue Generation in Ghana Terkper, Seth E.
Introduction to Tax Policy Design and Development  Bird, Richard M.; Zolt, Eric M.
Tax Reform and the Business Environment in Mozambique Bolnick, Bruce R.
Tax Incentives in The Philippines: A Regional Perspective Chalk, Nigel A.
Tax Reforms in Transition Economies – a Mixed Record and Complex Future Agenda Dabrowski, Marek; Tomczy?ska, Magdalena
Review and Comparison of Transfer Pricing Regulations in Latin America, the U.S. and the OECD Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (Mexico)
Creating a Favorable Tax Environment for Small Business Development in Transition Countries Engleschalk, Michael
Benchmarking Tax Systems Gallagher, Mark
El Salvador’s Tax System: Past and Future Gallagher, Mark
Nicaragua: Propuesta de una Reforma Tributaria Integral con Simulaciones Gallagher, Mark
Some Ideas for Taxation during Cuba’s Transition Gallagher, Mark
Toward an SME-Friendly Revenue System in Bosnia and Herzegovina Gallagher, Mark (with Pero Bosnic)
Tax Revenue in Sub-Saharan Africa – Effects of Economic Policies and Corruption Ghura, Dhaneshwar
Recommendations and Best Practices on Taxation of SMEs in Latin America

 Inter-American Development Bank 

The Value Added Tax – Experience and Issues International Tax Dialogue
Tax Potential vs. Tax Effort: A Cross-Country Analysis of Armenia’s Stubbornly Low Tax Collection Davoodi, Hamid R. ; Grigorian, David A.
Pakistan: A Preliminary Assessment of the Federal Tax System Martinez-Vazquez, Jorge
USAID Assistance in Fiscal Reform: Tax Modernization in Bosnia and Herzegovina USAID/EGAT Fiscal Reform Project
USAID Assistance in Fiscal Reform: Comprehensive Tax Reform in Egypt USAID/EGAT Fiscal Reform Project
USAID Assistance in Fiscal Reform: Tax Policy and Administration Reform in El Salvador USAID/EGAT Fiscal Reform Project
USAID Assistance in Fiscal Reform: Introduction of Value-Added Tax in Serbia USAID/EGAT Fiscal Reform Project
USAID Assistance in Fiscal Reform to the Government of Guatemala USAID/EGAT Fiscal Reform Project
USAID Assistance in Fiscal Reform: The Jamaica Tax Structure Examination Project

 USAID/EGAT Fiscal Reform Project

USAID Assistance in Fiscal Reform to the Government of Tanzania: 1997-2003 USAID/EGAT Fiscal Reform Project
Effect of Corruption on Tax Revenues in the Middle East

 Imam, Patrick A. ; Jacobs, Davina F.

ITD Global Conference on Taxation of Small and Medium Enterprises International Tax Dialogue
Evaluación del Desempeño del Sistema Tributario de Guatemala (Estudio de Benchmarking) Gallagher, Mark; Mann, Arthur; Segovia, Alexander; Kyriss, Kevin; Arias, Lu?s Alberto; Paes, Renato
Designing a Tax System for Micro and Small Businesses: Guide for Practitioners The World Bank Group/IFC in collaboration with DfiD
Taxation and State-Building: Poor Countries in a Globalised World Fjeldstad, Odd-Helge ; Moore, Mick
Programs to Reduce the Administrative Burdens of Tax Regulations in Selected Countries OECD
Tax Challenges Facing Developing Countries Bird, Richard M.
Monitoring Taxpayers' Compliance: A Practical Guide Based on Revenue Body Experience OECD, Centre for Tax Policy and Administration
Combating corruption in the revenue service: the case of VAT refunds in Bolivia Chr. Michelsen Institute
Key steps to address corruption in tax and customs Child, David
Outsourcing Revenue Collection: Experience from Local Government Authorities in Tanzania Fjeldstad, Odd-Helge ; Katera, Lucas ; Ngalewa, Erasto
Tax Administration Reform and Fiscal Adjustment: The Case of Indonesia (2001-07) Brondolo, John ; Silvani, Carlos ; Le Borgne, Eric ; Bosch, Frank
Taxation and the Enabling Environment Rozner, Steve ; Gallagher, Mark
Accounting Challenges for Semi-Autonomous Revenue Agencies (SARAs) in Developing Countries Terkper, Seth E.
Tax Administrations and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Developing Countries Baurer, Lewis I.
Revenue Performance and Tax Administration Modernization in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2001-2004 Rozner, Steve ; Sahinagic, Dzelila ; Marjanovic, Sandra
Improving Tax Administration in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Potential of Revenue Agencies and E-Services Hadler, Sandra 
Tax Administration in OECD and Selected Non-OECD Countries: Comparative Information Series (2006) OECD 
VAT Refunds: A Review of Country Experience Harrison, Graham ; Krelove, Russell 
Focusing on the Few: The Role of Large Taxpayer Units in Revenue Strategies of Developing Countries McCarten, William
The Cost of Tax Compliance Moody, Scott
Guatemala: Los Costos Administrativos de la Tributación y de Impuestos de Bajo Rendimiento Mann, Arthur J.
Aplicación de Mejoras Prácticas al Desmpeño de la Administración Tributaria de Guatemala Mann ; Jacobs ; Westrick ; Segovia ; Alison ; Gallagher ; Kill
Autonomous Revenue Authorities: The Answer to Tax Administration Problems in Developing Countries? Mann, Arthur J.
Revenue Authorities: Issues and Problems in Evaluating Their Success Kidd, Maureen; Crandall, William
Presumptive Income Taxation and Costly Tax Compliance Jaramillo H., Christian R.
Guatemala: Propuesta para Establecer Entidades de Investigación de Delitos Tributarios y Corrupcion  Jacobs, Arturo
The Effects of Tax Software and Paid Preparers on Compliance Costs Guyton, John L.; Korobow, Adam K.; Lee, Peter S.; Toder, Eric J.
Application Software Solutions to Support the Technical Architecture of Selected Revenue Bodies OECD/Centre for Tax Policy and Administration
Strategies for Improving the Take-up Rates of Electronic Services OECD/Centre for Tax Policy and Administration
Tax Administration Reform in Transition: The Case of Croatia Ott, Katarina
United States Practices in Estimating and Publicizing Tax Evasion  Gray, Clive
Enhancing Transparency in Tax Administration in Madagascar and Tanzania Gray, Clive S.
An Overview of Research into Taxation Operating Costs Evans, Chris 
Challenge to Property Tax Administration in Porto Alegre, Brazil De Cesare, Claudia M
The Special Tax Regime for Small and Micro Businesses: Design and Implementation Shende, Suresh N.
Revenue Administration Reform in Middle Eastern Countries, 1994–2004 Crandall, William ; Bodin, Jean-Paul
Tax Administration and the Small Taxpayer Shome, Parthasarathi
Central American Tax Reform: Trends and Possibilities Stotsky, Janet G.; WoldeMariam, Asegedech
Designing Performance: The Semi-Autonomous Revenue Authority Model in Africa and Latin America Taliercio, Robert, Jr.
Managing Small and Medium-Size Taxpayers in Developing Economies Terkper, Seth
Integrating Revenue Administration for Tax and Social Contribution Collections in CEE Countries  Barrand, Peter ; Ross, Stanford ; Harrison, Graham
Reforming Tax Systems: The World Bank Record in the 1990s Barbone, Luca; Das-Gupta, Arindam; De Wulf, Luc; Hansson, Anna
Enhancing Transparency in Tax Administration: A Survey Wadhawan, Satish C.
Digital VAT and Development: D-VAT and D-Velopment Ainsworth, Richard T.

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