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A Tale of Two Entities: How Finance Reform Builds Democracy in Bosnia and Herzegovina Levitas, Tony
Tax Assignments: Options for Indonesia Ahmad, Ehtisham ; Krelove, Russell
Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations and Subnational Expenditures in Afghanistan White, Roland ; Boex. Jamie
Are Intergovernmental Grants Tactical? The Evidence from Russia JarociDska, Elena
El Salvador: Guias para una Propuesta de Reforma Tributaria Municipal Gallagher, Mark ; Mann, Arthur ; Loria Chaves, Carlos
Opportunities and Risks of Fiscal Decentralization: A Developing Country Perspective Bahl, Roy
Political Economy of Multi-Level Tax Assignments in Latin America: Earmarked Revenue v. Tax Autonomy Ahmad, Ehtisham ; Brosio, Giorgio
Why Focus on Spending Needs Factors? The Political Economy of Fiscal Transfer Reforms in Mexico Ahmad, Ehtisham ; Gonzalez Anaya, Jose ; Brosio, Giorgio ; Garcia-Escribano, Mercedes ; Lockwood, Be
Indian Subnational Finances: Recent Performance Kishore, Adarsh ; Prasad, A.
USAID Assistance in Fiscal Reform: Strengthening Municipal Financial Management in Montenegro USAID/EGAT Fiscal Reform Project
USAID Assistance in Fiscal Reform: Fiscal Decentralization in Ukraine USAID/EGAT Fiscal Reform Project
Background Paper for Roundtable on Subnational Fiscal Reform Rafuse, Robert ; Gallagher, Mark ; Rozner, Steve
The State Fiscal Management Reform Assessment Team?s Report, USAID/India USAID/India
Fiscal Decentralization and the Challenge of Hard Budget Constraints Various
Conference on Fiscal Decentralization  Various
Central-Local Fiscal Relations in Armenia Gallagher, Mark
Inequality and Optimal Redistributive Tax and Transfer Policies Zee, Howell H.
The System of Equalization Transfers in China Zhang, Zhihua; Martinez-Vazquez, Jorge
Russia: The Fiscal Federalism & Regional Fiscal Reform Loan Wetzel, Deborah
Externalities and Bailouts: Hard and Soft Budget Constraints in Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations Wildasin, David E.
User Charge Financing of Urban Public Services in Africa Fox, William; Edmiston, Kelly
Rationale for Decentralization Ford, James
Russia's Dilemma of Fiscal Federalism Wallich, Christine I.
Assistance in Municipal Finance Reform for Albania: Summary of Proceedings and Conclusions on Workshop Urban Institute
Fiscal Decentralization in Mexico: The Bailout Problem Trillo, Fausto Hern?ndez; Cayeros, Alberto D?az; Gonz?lez, Rafael Gamboa
Fiscal Federalism in Argentina: Policies, Politics, and Institutional Reform Tommasi, Mariano; Saiegh, Sebasti?n; Sanguinetti, Pablo
Constitutional, Legal, and Regulatory Framework for Decentralization Ford, James
Decentralization and Macroeconomic Management Ter-Minassian, Teresa
On Fiscal Federalism: Issues to Worry About Tanzi, Vito
Intergovernmental Relations, Macroeconomic Stability, and Economic Growth Spahn, Paul Bernd
Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations in Australia Spahn, Paul Bernd; Shah, Anwar
Assessing the Merits of Decentralization as a Conflict Mitigation Strategy Siegle, Joseph ; O?Mahony, Patrick
An Overview of Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations in Nepal Shrestha, Manoj
Decentralized Financing - A background paper for the UNCDF Policy Publication, Taking Risks Shotton, Roger
Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations in Canada: An Overview Shah, Anwar
Fiscal Federalism and Macroeconomic Governance: For Better or For Worse? Shah, Anwar
Fiscal Decentralization in Developing and Transition Economies: Progress, Problems and the Promise Shah, Anwar
Participation, Civil Society, and Decentralization Seddon, Jessica
Decentralization, Allocative Efficiency and Health Service Outcomes in the Philippines Schwartz, J. Brad; Guilkey, David K.; Racelis, Rachel
What is Decentralization? Rondinelli, Dennis
Bailouts and Perverse Incentives in the Brazilian States Rodden, Jonathan
Federalism and Decentralization under Convertibility: Lessons from the Argentine Experience Rezk, Ernesto
Sorting Out Intergovernmental Roles and Responsibilities in the Hungarian Transition Ebel, Robert D.; Varfalavi, Istvan; Varga, Sandor
Intergovernmental Relations: Issues in Public Policy Ebel, Robert D.; Yilmaz, Serdar
Fiscal Decentralization: Is It Happening? How Do We Know? Ebel, Robert; Yilmaz, Serdar
Why Fiscal Decentralization in Macedonia? Rafuse, Robert W.
Poverty Alleviation under Fiscal Decentralization Rao, M. Govinda
Challenges of Fiscal Decentralization in Transitional Economies: An Asian Perspective Rao, Govinda
Growth And Equity Tradeoff in Decentralization Policy: China's Experience Qiao, Baoyun; Martinez-Vazquez, Jorge; Xu, Yongsheng
The Decentralization Dilemma in India Purfield, Catriona
The Challenge of Fiscal Adjustment in a Democracy: The Case of India Purfield, Catriona M.; Hausmann, Ricardo
Fiscal Decentralization and Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations Prud'homme, Remy
Intergovernmental Relations and Fiscal Discipline ? Between Commons and Soft Budget Constraints Pisauro, Giuseppe
Regional Variations in Local Governance Picard, Louis ; Silverman, Jerry ; Vogelsang, Susan ; Walter, Bonnie ; Kogul, Morey
Fiscal Design Across Levels of Government?Year 2000 Surveys: Summary Note Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
Fiscal Design Across Levels of Government Year 2000 Surveys?Country Report: Poland Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
Fiscal Design Across Levels of Government Year 2000 Surveys?Country Report: Lithuania Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
Fiscal Design Across Levels of Government Year 2000 Surveys?Country Report: Latvia Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
Fiscal Design Across Levels of Government, Year 2000 Surveys: Country Report?Hungary Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
Fiscal Design Across Levels of Government, Year 2000 Surveys: Country Report?Estonia Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
Fiscal Design Across Levels of Government Year 2000 Surveys: Country Report?Czech Republic Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
Making Decentralization Work: The Case of Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan Norris, Era-Dabla; Martinez-Vazquez, Jorge; Norregaard, John
The Commonwealth Grants Commission and Horizontal Fiscal Equalisation Morris, Alan
Fiscal Decentralization and Subnational Fiscal Autonomy in Brazil: Some Facts of the Nineties Mora, M?nica; Varsano, Ricardo
Fiscal Decentralisation in South Africa: A Practitioner's Perspective Momoniat, Ismail
Interim Methodological Recommendations on Regulating Intergovernmental Relations in the Regions of t Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation
Subnational Government Bankruptcy, Default, and Fiscal Crisis in the United States Mikesell, John L.
Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations in Vietnam McLure Jr., Charles E.; Martinez-Vazquez, Jorge
Fiscal Federalism in Australia McLean, Iain
Ukraine: Assessment of the Implementation of the New Formula Based Inter-Governmental Transfer Syste Martinez-Vazquez, Jorge; Zeikate, Signe
A Methodological Note on the Reform of Equalization Transfers in the Russian Federation Martinez-Vazquez, Jorge; Boex, L.F. Jameson
Making Fiscal Decentralization Work in Vietnam Martinez-Vazquez, Jorge
Linking expenditure assignments and intergovernmental grants in Indonesia Martinez-Vazquez, Jorge; Boex, Jamie; Ferrazzi, Gabe
Democracy, Decentralization and Development Ebel, Robert D.
Fiscal Decentralization, Economic Growth, and Democratic Governance Martinez-Vazquez, Jorge; McNab, Robert
Fiscal Decentralization and Economic Growth Martinez-Vazquez, Jorge; McNab, Robert
Asymmetric Federalism in Russia: Cure or Poison? Martinez-Vazquez, Jorge
An Analysis of Alternative Measures of Fiscal Capacity for Regions of the Russian Federation Martinez-Vazquez, Jorge; Boex, L.F. Jameson
Financing, Revenue-Sharing, and Taxation Issues in Wildlife Management Areas Mabugu, Ramos; Mugoya, Patrick
Rethinking Decentralization at the World Bank Litvack, Jennie; Ahmad, Junaid; Bird, Richard
Fiscal Federalist Relations in Russia: A Case for Subnational Autonomy Lavrov, Aleksei; Litwack, John M.; Sutherland, Douglas
Fiscal Federalism in the Russian Federation: Problems and Reform Options Lavrov, Aleksei; Litwack, John M.; Sutherland, Douglas
Forms of Public Government Decentralization in the Russian Federation and Intergovernmental Fiscal R Kurlyandskaya, Galina; Nikolayenko, Yelena
Budgetary Pluralism of Russian Authorities Kurlyandskaya, Galina
Indian Fiscal Federalism: Political Economy and Issues for Reform Kietzer, Kenneth; Singh, Nirvikar
Vertical Tax Externalities in the Theory of Fiscal Federalism Keen, Michael
Making Decentralization Work in Latin America and the Caribbean: A Backgroung Paper Inter-American Development Bank
Principals, Agents, and Decentralized Democratic Development: A conceptual framework for democratic Hiskey, Jonathan T.
Fiscal Decentralization in Uganda: The Way Forward Government of Uganda
Subnational Borrowing and Debt Management Giugale, Marcelo M.; Trillo, Fausto Hernandez; Oliveira, Jo?o C
Republic of Kyrgyzstan Fiscal Decentralization Study: Statistical Annex Gallagher, Mark 
Republic of Kyrgyzstan Fiscal Decentralization Study (Russian Language) Gallagher, Mark
Republic of Kyrgyzstan Fiscal Decentralization Study Gallagher, Mark
Proposed Fiscal Decentralization Plan for Montenegro Gallagher, Mark
Municipal Tax Effort in El Salvador Gallagher, Mark
Gamesmanship and Inter-Governmental Transfer in Mongolia Gallagher, Mark
Choices in Fiscal Federalism Gallagher, Mark
Fiscal Decentralization in Former Socialist Economies: Progress and Prospects Dunn, Jonathan; Wetzel, Deborah
Macroeconomic Management and the Devolution of Fiscal Powers  Drummond, Paulo F.; Mansoor, Ali M.
An Analysis of Indonesia's Transfer System: Recent Performance and Future Prospects Brodjonegoro, Bambang; Martinez-Vazquez, Jorge
Developing Hard Budget Constraints in Decentralized Democracies of Latin America Desai, Raj M.; Freinkman, Lev M.; Goldberg, Itzhak
Fiscal Management in Federal Democracies: Argentina and Brazil de Mello, Luiz
Fiscal Federalism and Regional Growth: Evidence from the Russian Federation in the 1990s de Mello, Luiz; Barenstein, Matias
Fiscal Federalism and Government Size in Transition Economies: The Case of Moldova de Mello, Luiz
Fiscal Decentralization and Governance?A Cross-Country Analysis de Mello, Luiz
Issues in Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations in China Dabla-Norris, Era
The Challenge of Fiscal Decentralization in Transition Countries Dabla-Norris, Era; Wade, Paul R.
Reforming Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations in Argentina Cuevas, Alfredo
Analyzing Local Government Finances Conway, Francis J.; Pigey, Juliana H.
Problems of the Implementation of Fiscal Decentralization in Regional Autonomy: The Case of Malang M Candra Fajri Ananda, Candra Fajri
Beyond the Center:Decentralizing the State in Latin America Burki, Shadid Javed; Perry, Guillermo E.; Dillinger, William R
Overview to Giugale and Webb (eds.), Achievements and Challenges of Fiscal Decentralization: Lessons Giugale, Marcelo M.; Nguyen, Vinh; Rojas, Fernando; Webb, Steven B.
Problems of Soft Budget Constraints in Intergovernmental Relationships: The Case of Italy Bordignon, Massimo
The Incidence of Local Government Allocations in Tanzania Boex, Jameson
Fighting Poverty through Fiscal Decentralization Boex, Jameson; Heredia-Ortiz, Eunice; Martinez-Vazquez, Jorge; Timofeev, Andrey; Yao, Guevera
Fiscal Federalism in Canada Boadway, Robin; Watts, Ronald
Indonesia: Managing Decentralization Ahmad, S. E.; Mansoor, Ali M.
Federalism With and Without Political Centralization: China Versus Russia Blanchard, Olivier; Shleifer, Andrei
VATs in Federal States: International Experience and Emerging Possibilities Bird, Richard M.; Gendron, Pierre-Pascal
Transfers and Incentives in Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations Bird, Richard M.
A Perspective on Fiscal Federalism in Russia Bird, Richard M.
Rethinking Subnational Taxes ? A New Look at Tax Assignment Bird, R.M.
Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations: Universal Principles, Local Applications Bird, Richard M.
Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations in Latin America: Policy Design and Policy Outcomes Bird, Richard
Fiscal Flows, Fiscal Balance, and Fiscal Sustainability Bird, Richard M.
Fiscal Federalism in Russia: A Canadian Perspective Bird, Richard M.
Fiscal Decentralization: From Command to Market Bird, Richard M.; Ebel, Robert D.; Wallich, Christine I.
Constraining Subnational Fiscal Behavior in Canada: Different Approaches, Similar Results Bird, Richard M.; Tassonyi, Almos
Closing the Gap: Fiscal Imbalances and Intergovernmental Transfers in Developed Federations Bird, Richard M; Tarasov, Andrey
Asymmetric Fiscal Decentralization: Glue or Solvent? Bird, Richard M.
Fiscal Rules for Sub-National Governments: What Lessons from EMU Countries? Balassone, Fabrizio; Franco, Daniele; Zotteri, Stefania
Worldwide Trends in Fiscal Decentralization Bahl, Roy
Intergovernmental Transfers: The Vertical Sharing Dimension Bahl, Roy; Wallace, Sally
Intergovernmental Transfers in Developing and Transition Countries: Principles and Practice Bahl, Roy
Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations in Leningrad Region Bahl, Roy et al.
Implementation Rules for Fiscal Decentralization Bahl, Roy
How Should Natural Resource Revenues be Shared in Indonesia? Bahl, Roy; Tumennasan, Bayar
Fiscal Federalism and Economic Reform in China Bahl, Roy; Martinez-Vazquez, Jorge
Fiscal Decentralization, Revenue Assignment, And The Case For The Property Tax In South Africa Bahl, Roy
Fiscal Decentralization: The Provincial ? Local Dimension Bahl, Roy; Wallace, Sally
Equitable Vertical Sharing And Decentralizing Government Finance In South Africa Bahl, Roy
Comparative Federalism: Trends and Issues in the United States, China, and Russia Bahl, Roy
Can Fiscal Decentralization Strengthen Social Capital? Alm, James; Aten, Robert H.; Bahl, Roy
Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations: The Chinese System in Perspective Arora, Vivek B.; Norregaard, John
Fiscal Decentralisation and Sub-National Government Finance in Relation to Infrastructure and Service Appiah, Francis; Ayee, Joseph A.; Appeah, Joseph; Baah-Wiredu, Kwadwo; Martin, Richard; Steffensen,
Decentralization in the Russian Federation Andreeva, Elena; Golovanova, Natalia
An Overview of Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations and Subnational Public Finance in Nigeria Alm, James; Boex, Jameson
Can Indonesia Decentralize? Plans, Problems, andProspects Alm, James; Aten, Robert H.; Bahl, Roy
Brazil: An Evolving Federation Alfonso, Jose Roberto R.; de Mello, Luiz
Fiscal Federalism and Incentives in a Russian Region Alexeev, Michael; Kurlyandskaya, Galina
Uganda: Managing More Effective Decentralization Ahmad, Ehtisham; Brosio, Giorgio; Gonzalez, Maria
Toward More Effective Redistribution: Reform Options for Intergovernmental Transfers in China Ahmad, Ehtisham; Singh, Raju; Fortuna, Mario
Taxation Reforms and Revenue Assignments in China Ahmad, Ehtisham; Singh, Raju; Lockwood, Benjamin
Recentralization in China? Ahmad, S. E.; Keping, Li; Richardson, Thomas J.; Singh, Raju J
Political Economy of Oil-Revenue Sharing in a Developing Country: Illustrations from Nigeria, Ahmad, Ehtisham; Singh, Raju J.
On the Design and Effectiveness of Targeted Expenditure Programs Ahmad, Ehtisham; Martinez, Leonardo
Intergovernmental Grants Systems and Management: Applications of a General Framework to Indonesia Ahmad, S. E.; Ma, Jun; Searle, Bob; Piperno, Stefano

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