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Labor Taxation and Unemployment Gallagher, Mark
Herramientas para la Proyeccion y Seguimiento de las Racausdaciones Mensuales Gallagher, Mark
Revenue Mobilization in Sub-Saharan Africa: Challenges from Globalization Keen, Michael; Mansour, Mario
Taxation from "30,000 feet" Gallagher, Mark
Breaking the Curse: How Transparent/Fair Taxation Can Turn Africa's Mineral Wealth into Development Open Society Institute of Southern Africa
Taxing Oil: Issues and Trends Rozner, Steve
Causes, Benefits, and Risks of Business Tax Incentives Klemm, Alexander
Taxation and Capital Structure: Evidence from a Transition Economy Klapper, Leora ; Tzioumis, Konstantinos
Tax systems and tax reforms in Latin America: Country studies Bernardi, Luigi ; Barreix, Alberto ; Marenzi, Anna ; Profeta, Paola
South Africa: Formal SMME Tax Compliance Survey Report USAID (Prepared for National Treasury Republic of South Africa)
South Africa: Informal SMME Tax Compliance Survey Report South Africa: Informal SMME Tax Compliance Survey Report
Inversión, incentivos fiscales y gastos tributarios en América Latina Jiménez, Juan Pablo ; Podestá, Andrea
Collecting and Paying Taxes in Moldova: A Benchmarking Exercise Gallagher, Mark ; Goian, Vasile ; Rozner, Steve ; Rusu, Viorel
How Globalization Affects Tax Design Hines, James R., Jr.; Summers, Lawrence H.
Linking Business Tax Reform with Governance: How to Measure Success Everest-Phillips, Max ; Sandall, Richard
Value Added Taxes: Compliance Risks, Administrative Costs, Compliance Burden, and Transition U.S. General Accountability Office
Tax Concessions and Foreign Direct Investment in the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union Chai, Jingqing ; Goyal, Rishi
Outbound Investment From India and China: A Comparison Barber, Vaughn ; Singh, Amarjeet ; Petriccione, Mario
Do Developing Countries’ Tax Incentives Attract Investment or Create Disaster? Pisani, Andrés E. Bazó
Tax Assignments: Options for Indonesia Ahmad, Ehtisham ; Krelove, Russell
Central American Tax Reform: Trends and Possibilities Stotsky, Janet G.; WoldeMariam, Asegedech
Current and Proposed Non-Oil Tax System in Azerbaijan Zermeño, Mayra
Tax Reforms, "Free Lunches", and "Cheap Lunches" in Open Economies Ganelli, Giovanni ; Tervala, Juha
Investment Incentives and Effective Tax Rates in the Philippines Compared with Neighboring Countries Botman, Dennis P. J. ; Klemm, Alexander ; Baqir, Reza
Zero Corporate Income Tax in Moldova: Tax Competition and Its Implications for Eastern Europe Piatkowski, Marcin ; Jarmuzek, Mariusz
Tax Policy: Recent Developments Rozner, Steve
Global Trajectories of Tax Reform: Mapping Tax Reform in Developing and Transition Countries Stewart, Miranda
Tax Challenges Facing Developing Countries Bird, Richard M.
Mobilizing Revenue: Strengthening Domestic Revenue Bases in Africa Gupta, Sanjeev ; Tareq, Shamsuddin
Programs to Reduce the Administrative Burden of Tax Regulations in Selected Countries Forum on Tax Administration of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
The Impact of Research and Development Tax Incentives on Colombia's Manufacturing Sector Mercer-Blackman, Valerie
Natural Resource Endowments, Governance, and Domestic Tax Effort: Evidence from a Panel of Countries Bornhorst, Fabian ; Gupta, Sanjeev ; Thornton, John
How does a domestic tax reform effect protection against imports? The case of Madagascar Hallaert, Jean-Jacques
How Does Taxation Affect the Quality of Governance? Moore, Mick
Tax and Pension Reform in the Czech Republic-Implications for Growth and Debt Sustainability Botman, Dennis P. J. ; Tuladhar, Anita
An Empirical Study of Corporate Income Tax Investment Incentives for Domestic Companies in Vietnam Nguyen, Thi Canh ; Hoang, Tho Phu ; Cung, Tran Viet ; Freeman, Nick J. ; Ray, David
Taxation and State-Building: Poor Countries in a Globalised World Fjeldstad, Odd-Helge ; Moore, Mick
Designing a Tax System for Micro and Small Businesses: Guide for Practitioners The World Bank Group/IFC in collaboration with DfiD
Evaluación del Desempeño del Sistema Tributario de Guatemala (Estudio de Benchmarking) Gallagher, Mark ; Mann, Arthur ; Segovia, Alexander ; Kyriss, Kevin ; Arias, Luís, Alberto ; Paes, Renato
Corporate Income Tax Competition in the Caribbean Ben Nassar, Koffie
Political Economy of Multi-Level Tax Assignments in Latin America: Earmarked Revenue v. Tax Autonomy Ahmad, Ehtisham | Brosio, Giorgio
Tax and Welfare Reforms in the Czech Republic - Structural Implications and Challenges Dalsgaard, Thomas
Policy Directions and Strategies for Sustainable Sources of Revenue for Afghanistan Ministry of Finance, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
Strengthening a fiscal pillar: the Uruguayan dual income tax Barreix, Alberto ; and Roca, Jerónimo
Tax Rate Cuts and Tax Compliance -- The Laffer Curve Revisited Papp, Tamás K. | Takáts, Elöd
Tax Policy: Recent Trends and Coming Challenges Norregaard, John ; Khan, Tehmina S.
Tax Effort: The Impact of Corruption, Voice and Accountability Bird, Richard M. ; Martinez-Vazquez, Jorge ; Torgler, Benno
Effect of Corruption on Tax Revenues in the Middle East Imam, Patrick A. ; Jacobs, Davina F.
Optimal Taxation in the Forestry Sector in the Congo Basin: The Case of Gabon Melhado, Oscar E.
USAID Assistance in Fiscal Reform: Introduction of Value-Added Tax in Serbia USAID/EGAT Fiscal Reform Project
USAID Assistance in Fiscal Reform to the Government of Tanzania: 1997-2003 USAID/EGAT Fiscal Reform Project
USAID Assistance in Fiscal Reform: The Jamaica Tax Structure Examination Project USAID/EGAT Fiscal Reform Project
USAID Assistance in Fiscal Reform to the Government of Guatemala USAID/EGAT Fiscal Reform Project
USAID Assistance in Fiscal Reform: Tax Policy and Administration Reform in El Salvador USAID/EGAT Fiscal Reform Project
USAID Assistance in Fiscal Reform: Comprehensive Tax Reform in Egypt USAID/EGAT Fiscal Reform Project
USAID Assistance in Fiscal Reform: Tax Modernization in Bosnia and Herzegovina USAID/EGAT Fiscal Reform Project
The Value-Added Tax: Its Causes and Consequences Keen, Michael | Lockwood, Ben
Distributional Implications of the VAT Reform in the Philippines Newhouse, David Locke ; Zakharova, Daria
Pakistan: A Preliminary Assessment of the Federal Tax System Martinez-Vazquez, Jorge
The “Flat Tax(es)”: Principles and Evidence Keen, Michael ; Kim, Yitae ; Varsano, Ricardo
Tax Potential vs. Tax Effort: A Cross-Country Analysis of Armenia's Stubbornly Low Tax Collection Davoodi, Hamid Reza | Grigorian, David A.
Forestry Taxation in Africa: The Case of Liberia Schwidrowski, Arnim | Thomas, Saji
Taxing Financial Activity Mintz, Jack M.
Proyecto de Evaluación y Mejoramiento del Sistema de Aduanas de El Salvador: Informe Definitivo Meseguer, Antonio
Value Added Tax in Indonesia: The Impact of Sectoral Exemptions on Revenue Potential and Tax Rates Marks, Stephen V.
Personal Income Taxation in Indonesia: Revenue Potential and Distribution of the Burden Marks, Stephen V.
Cigarette Excise Taxation in Indonesia: An Economic Analysis Marks, Stephen V.
Local Government Taxation: Standard International Practice Mann, Arthur J.
El Gasto Tributario en Guatemala Mann, Arthur; Burke, Robert J.
The Macroeconomic Effects of Environmental Taxes - A Closer Look at the Feasibility of "Win-Win" Outcomes Ligthart, Jenny
Tributos e Juros: As Duas Grandes Cargas Sobre a Economia Khan, Amir, Erika Araujo, and Jose Roberto R. Afonso
Some International Issues in Commodity Taxation Keen, Michael J.
Coordinating Tariff Reduction and Domestic Tax Reform Keen, Michael; Ligthart, Jenny
Fiscal Policy Through Time-Varying Tax Rates: If and How Kaufman, Martin
Reform of Domestic Indirect Tax Systems in Low-Income Countries: The Case of Nepal Jenkins, Glenn P.; Khadka, Rup
Economic Integration and the Transformation of the Tax Mix: Cyprus 1990-2001 Jenkins, Glenn P.; Poufos, George G.
The Russian Flat Tax Reform Ivanova, Anna; Keen, Michael; Klemm, Alexander
The Value Added Tax – Experience and Issues International Tax Dialogue
Recommendations and Best Practices on Taxation of SMEs in Latin America Inter-American Development Bank
The Art of Tax Policies Inter-American Development Bank
Shadow Economy in Bulgaria: Small and Medium Enterprises & Tax Evasion Ikiz, Ahmet Salih
Taxation and Pricing of Petroleum Products in Developing Countries Hossain, Shahabuddin M.
Should Small Businesses Be Tax-Favored? Holtz-Eakin, Douglas
The Dynamic Macroeconomic Effects of Tax Policy in an Overlapping Generations Model Heijdra, Ben J.; Ligthart, Jenny
Slovakia’s 2004 Tax and Welfare Reforms Moore, David
Social Impact of a Tax Reform: The Case of Ethiopia Munoz, Sonia; Sang-Wook Cho, Stanley
Fiscal Revenues in South Mediterranean Arab Countries: Vulnerabilities and Growth Potential Nashashibi, Karim
Taxes and Tradable Permits as Instruments for Controlling Pollution: Theory and Practice Norregaard, John; Reppelin-Hill, Valerie
The Tax Treatment of Government Bonds Norregaard, John
The Effect of Expected Effective Corporate Tax Rates on Incremental Financing Decisions Gropp, Reint E.
The Disappearing Tax Base: Is Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Eroding Corporate Income Taxes? Gropp, Reint
An Analysis of Excise Taxation in Kenya Okello, Andrew Kazora
Diamond Smuggling and Taxation in Sub-Saharan Africa Oomes, Nienke; Vocke, Matthias
Firm Investment, Corporate Finance, and Taxation Palomba, Geremia
Do Tax Rates Encourage Entrepreneurial Activity? Gordon, Roger .
Tax Revenue Forecasts in IMF-Supported Programs Golosov, Mikhail; King, John R.
Tax Revenue in Sub-Saharan Africa – Effects of Economic Policies and Corruption Ghura, Dhaneshwar
Toward an SME-Friendly Revenue System in Bosnia and Herzegovina Gallagher, Mark (with Pero Bosnic)
Some Ideas for Taxation during Cuba’s Transition Gallagher, Mark
Nicaragua: Propuesta de una Reforma Tributaria Integral con Simulaciones Gallagher, Mark
El Salvador’s Tax System: Past and Future Gallagher, Mark
Benchmarking Tax Systems Gallagher, Mark
Currency Demand, the Underground Economy, and Tax Evasion: The Case of Guyana Faal, Ebrima A.
Creating a Favorable Tax Environment for Small Business Development in Transition Countries Engelschalk, Michael
Taxes and Culture—Tax Reforms for Sustainable Development Edling, Herbert; Nguyen-Thanh, David
The Impact of Tax and Welfare Policies on Employment and Unemployment in OECD Countries Disney, Richard
Review and Comparison of Transfer Pricing Regulations in Latin America, the U.S. and the OECD Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (Mexico)
Tax Reforms in Transition Economies – a Mixed Record and Complex Future Agenda Dąbrowski, Marek; Tomczyñska, Magdalena
Imperfect Competition and the Design of VAT Regimes: the Case of Energy Trade Shiells, Clinton R.
U.S. Tax Reform: An Overview of the Current Debate and Policy Options U.S. Tax Reform: An Overview of the Current Debate and Policy Options
A Quest for Revenue and Tax Incidence in Uganda Chen, Duanjie; Matovu, John; Reinikka, Ritva
Reforming Tax Systems: Experience of the Baltics, and Other Countries of the Former Soviet Union Stepanyan, Vahram
Central and Eastern Europe: The Development of the Real Estate Market in the Transition Economies Charman, John
Tax Incentives in The Philippines: A Regional Perspective Chalk, Nigel A.
The Potential Role for Securitizing Public Sector Revenue Flows: An Application to the Phillipines Chalk, Nigel A.
Tax Effort in Sub-Saharan Africa Stotsky, Janet G.; WoldeMariam, Asegedech
Tax Policy in Ukraine, 2002: A Review of Current Issues with Recommendations USAID/Support for Economic and Fiscal Reform (SEFR) Project in Ukraine
Tax Smoothing in a Financially Repressed Economy – Evidence from India Cashin, Paul; Olekalns, Nilss; Sahay, Ratna
United States Companies Operating in Latin America: Tax Issues Byrne, Peter D.
Globalization, Tax System, and the Architecture of the Global Economic System Tanzi, Vito
Taxation and the Household Saving Rate – Evidence from OECD Countries Tanzi, Vito; Zee, Howell H.
Tax Policy for Emerging Markets – Developing Countries Tanzi, Vito; Zee, Howell H.
Tax Reform and the Business Environment in Mozambique Bolnick, Bruce R.
Effectiveness and Economic Impact of Tax Incentives in the SADC Region Bolnick, Bruce ; Nathan-MSI Group
VAT Revisited: A New Look at the Value Added Tax in Developing and Transitional Countries Bird, Richard M. ; Gendron, Pierre-Pascal
Is it Really So Hard to Tax the Hard-to-Tax? The Context and Role of Presumptive Taxes Bird, Richard M.; Wallace, Sally
Introduction to Tax Policy Design and Development Bird, Richard M.; Zolt, Eric M.
In the Pipeline: Georgia's Oil and Gas Transit Revenues Billmeier, Andreas; Dunn, Jonathan C.; van Selm, Bert
A Primer on Mineral Taxation Baunsgaard, Thomas
Tributación en el MERCOSUR: Evolución, comparación y posibilidades de coordinación Barreix, Alberto; Villela, Luiz
The Role of Excise Taxes in Revenue Generation in Ghana Terkper, Seth E.
An Analysis of South Africa’s Value-Added Tax Thierfelder, Karen; Robinson, Sherman; Kearney, Marna; Go, Delfin S.
The Effects of Tax Wedges on Hours Worked and Unemployment in Sweden Thomas, Alun H.
Presumptive Taxation of the Hard to Tax Thuronyi, Victor
Social Security Tax Reform and Unemployment: A General Equilibrium Analysis for France Van Rijckeghem, Caroline
Tax Reform in Brazil: The Long Process in Progress Varsano, Ricardo
Sistema Tributaria: Condiciones Actuales y Propuesta Barreix, Alberto; Roca, Jerónimo
Taxation in the MERCOSUR and Coordination Possibilities Villela, Luiz; Barreix, Alberto
Global Tax Competition: Implications for Developing Countries Avi-Yonah, Reuven S
Taxing the urban unrecorded economy in sub-Saharan Africa Aurajo-Bonjean, Catherine; Chambas, Gérard
The Harmonization of Indirect Taxes in the Andean Community Arias, Luis A.; Barreix, Alberto; Valencia, Alexis; Villela, Luiz
Flat or Flattened? A Review of International Trends in Tax Simplification and Reform Wallace, Sally ; Moloi, Christine ; Hadler, Sandra
"Sizing" the Problem of the Hard-To-Tax Alm, James; Martinez-Vazquez, Jorge; Schneider, Friedrich
The Harmonization of Indirect Taxes in the Andean Community Aira, Luis, Alberto Barriex, Alexis Valencia, and Luiz Villela
Personal Income Tax Reform: Concepts, Issues, and Comparative Country Developments Zee, Howell H.
Taxation Reforms and Revenue Assignments in China Ahmad, Ehtisham; Singh, Raju; Lockwood, Benjamin
Revenue Design and Taxation Zolt, Eric M.
Implementing Property Taxation in Bosnia and Herzegovina Zorn, C. Kurt; Tesche, Jean; Cornia, Gary

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