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Property Taxation

Item Author
Property Tax Reform in Developing and Transition Countries Bahl, Roy
El Salvador: Guias para una Propuesta de Reforma Tributaria Municipal Gallagher, Mark ; Lorua Chaves, Carlos ; Mann, Arthur
Implementation of the Real Estate Tax Law in Montenegro Vusurovic, Biljana
Mobilizing Public School Teachers and Officials for Tax Administration USAID/Philippines Governance and Local Democracy Project
Calculating the Collection Efficiency and Cost to Collection Ratio USAID/Philippines Governance and Local Democracy Project
Real Property Tax System Improvement Program: Final Report USAID/Philippines
Report on the Property Transfer Tax Regime in Afghanistan USAID/Afghanistan Land Titling & Economic Restructuring in Afghanistan Project
The Potential and Performance of the Local Property Tax in Bulgaria Ivanov, Stefan; McCullough, James S.
Colombia: La Perspectiva del Impuesto Predial en Areas Rurales Garz?n, Hernando; Vazquez, Jaime
Prototype Real Estate Tax Law for the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina  Gallagher, Mark
Prototype Real Estate Tax Law for Republika Srpska Gallagher, Mark
A Computer-Assisted Mass Appraisal System for Brcko District Real Estate Taxation Gallagher, Mark; Tomas, Rajko; Marjanovic, Sandra
Final Report: Assistance with the Implementation of the Ad Valorem Property Tax in Poland Eckert, Joseph; Epstein, Jeffrey
Prospects for the Introduction of the Value-Based Property Tax in Hungary Bal?s, G?bor; Kov?cs, R?bert

Study on the Property Tax in Macedonia

Association of Finance Officers of Local Governments and Public Enterprises

Preparing and Implementing A Property Tax Pilot Project in Macedonia

Anstett, Andy

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