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Expenditure Management


Item Author
Review of Public Financial Management Reform Literature  Pretorius, Carole ; Pretorius, Nico
Commitment Controls Radev, Dimitar ; Khemani, Pokar
Modernizing Cash Management Lienert, Ian
Transition to Accrual Accounting Khan, Abdul ; Mayes, Stephen
A Basic Model of Performance-Based Budgeting Robinson, Marc ; Last, Duncan
Understanding and reforming public expenditure management: Guidelines for DFID DFID (UK)
Understanding the politics of the budget: What drives change in the budget process? DFID (UK)
A Platform Approach to Improving Public Financial Management DFID (UK)
UNCITRAL Model Law on Procurement of Goods, Construction and Services UNCITRAL
Results-Oriented Budget Practice in OECD Countries Rose, Aidan
Budgeting and Budgetary Institutions Shah, Anwar (ed.)
Information Systems for Government Fiscal Management Hashim, Ali ; Allan, Bill
Treasury System Design: A Value Chain Approach Tandberg, Eivin
Integrated Financial Management Information Systems: A Practical Guide Rodin-Brown, Edwin
Commitment Controls Radev, Dimitar ; Khemani, Pokar
USAID Assistance in the Establishment of a Modern Government Treasury Accounting System in Bosnia USAID/EGAT Fiscal Reform Project
Treasury Reform in Kazakhstan: Lessons for Other Countries Ramamurthy, S. ; Tanberg, E.
Introducing Financial Management Information Systems in Developing Countries Diamond, Jack; Khemani, Pokar
Public Expenditure Management Country Assessment and Action Plan: Ghana World Bank/IMF
Strengthening "Performance" in Public Expenditure Management  Schiavo-Campo, Salvatore
Budgetary Transparency for Public Expenditure Control Reviglio, Franco
Public Expenditure Management in Francophone Africa: A Cross-Country Analysis Moussa, Yaya
Results-Oriented Expenditure Management, The Case of Burkina Faso, Final report Malgoubri, Marie Eug?nie Malgoubri; Mespl?-Somps, Sandrine; Muguet, Jean; Zongo, Blaise
Choosing a Budget Management System: The Case of Rwanda Lienert, Ian
A Comparison Between Two Public Expenditure Management Systems in Africa Lienert, Ian C.
Actions to Strengthen Tracking of Poverty-Reducing Public Spending in Heavily Indebted Poor Countries IMF Fiscal Affairs Department
The Role of Internal Audit in Government Financial Management: An International Perspective Diamond, Jack
Public Expenditure Management Diamond, Jack

From Program To Performance Budgeting: The Challenge For Emerging Economies

Diamond, Jack

Public Expenditure Management in Poland

Burns, Andrew and Kwang-Yeol Yoo

How Do Treasury Systems Operate in Sub-Saharan Francophone Africa?

Bouley, Dominique; Fournel, Jerome ; Leruth, Luc E.

On the Social Rate Of Discount and Price of Capital in Cost-Benefit Analysis

Blitzer, Charles R.

Uganda: the Budget and Medium Term Expenditure Framework Set in a Wider Context

Bevan, David L. and Geremia Palomba

Managing Public Expenditure: Some Emerging Policy Issues and a Framework for Analysis

Atkinson, Paul, and Paul van den Noord

Managing Public Expenditure: A Reference Guide for Transition Countries

Allen, Richard and Daniel Tommasi

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