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Our Mission

FRP II is about assisting our core partner and government counterpart; the Ministry of Finance (MOF) transform fiscal policy and public financial management to forge a more transparent, effective, innovative, and results-oriented government, a government that lays the foundation for economic stability and growth with equity.

 FRP II pursues its mission through seven objectives:

1. Efficient use of public resources through stronger public financial management, including the 
    implementation of a Government Fi
nancial Management Information System (GFMIS).  

2. Enhanced accountability, transparency, and impact measurement and monitoring of government 
     policies and actions.

3. Enhanced revenue administration mobilization through better tax administration.

4. Adoption of resource-saving reforms in selected government programs based on sound policy

5. Increased efficiency in trading across borders.

6. Promote private sector investments in core infrastructure projects through the development of an
     enabling Private Public Partnership
(PPP) Framework.

7. Assistance in the preparation and implementation of a comprehensive national energy strategy that is
     fiscally sustainable.

Collectively, these improvements will enhance government effectiveness, improve business climate and create the conditions necessary to attract new investments, create jobs, spur economic growth, and improve Jordanians’ standard of living.



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